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Afternoon High tea

Perfect for a Group Outing in the Scenic Rim near Brisbane

Relax in the tranquillity and beautiful surroundings of Zengarra and listen to some gentle music played on the grand piano or concert marimba by Christine Leah, G.R.S.M., A.R.M.C.M., P.G.C.E., a classical pianist and percussionist trained at the Royal Schools of MusicMarimba at Zengarra.

Afternoon High Tea in the Scenic Rim with a Private Recital of Concert Marimba Classical & Romantic Music

Christine plays music just for you, favourite Bach & Handel or Lloyd Webber and Elton John to mention a few of her favourites which will be yours too. Enjoy cucumber sandwiches tied with ribbons and home baked cakes and biscuitsAfternoon High Tea with a pot of perfect tea served on a Villeroy & Boch China tea service. All cakes and biscuits made on the premises with the best ingredients. 

Cost is $300 for up to  12 persons. Special prices for larger group outings. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your friends. Exclusive parties such as birthday celebrations are also welcome.

By arrangement phone 07 5463 5600 to book or enquire

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Afternoon Tea History

Afternoon Tea began reputedly with Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford, who inadvertently created what is now known as afternoon tea during the 1800's. With English dinners typically at 7pm, she found herself feeling faint in the afternoons.

Anna started sipping tea each afternoon to tide her over. Anna had her servants bring her a few little bites of food to eat as she sipped her tea.

Her Aristocratic girlfriends soon started dropping by at 'teatime' and they too were served 'tea and light snacks'. This quickly became a daily ritual that Anna and her friends indulged in every afternoon.

Afternoon High Tea

Lower classes heard about this wonderful afternoon tea that the Aristocracy were enjoying and the idea spread to all who enjoy tea. The term Afternoon High Tea was used because it was associated with High society.

  • The Raised Pinkie.

Originally, all porcelain teacups were made in China, starting around 620 A.D. These small cups had no handles. In order for one not to spill the hot liquid onto oneself, the proper way to hold the vessel was to place ones thumb at the six o'clock position and ones index and middle fingers at the twelve o'clock position, while gently raising ones pinkie up for balance.

In Europe, when the Meissen Porcelain Company, in 1710, introduced the handle to the teacup, the tradition continued. By placing ones fingers to the front and back of the handle with ones pinkie up again allows balance. It is not an affectation, but a graceful way to avoid spills. Never loop your fingers through the handle, nor grasp the vessel bowl with the palm of your hand.

  • Why it’s called a Tea Cloth

The history of Linen dates back many thousands of years. The term Tea Linen is a generalised term used for describing the Linens that are used at tea time. Tea Linens have had a long association with all types of different tea occasions. For example  Afternoon Tea, Formal Tea, and High Tea Traditionally, the tea table would be covered with a white linen cloth, also known as a tea cloth. Cloth napkins were also used after the mid to late 1800's.

Linens were considered family heirlooms and passed down from generation to generation. The life of each piece of Linen was meticulously recorded in a Household Journal by servants.

  •  High Tea Etiquette

Remember this all relates to a time when life was less hurried. The art of making a perfect afternoon tea and taking tea is a lovely skill to master and one that will stand you in great stead the next time you're invited to afternoon high tea with the Queen!

To start setting for your tea party, embrace old-world vintage fashion. Whether your party is an indoor formal affair or outdoor garden celebration, it is a great excuse to put on your favourite dress, pearls and gloves with the added indulgence of a fabulous new hat.

Serve beautifully cut sandwiches preferably tied with ribbon, and savouries in bite sizes, as well as delicate miniature desserts and truffles for your guests.

  • The Sandwich

The Sandwich was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an 18th-century English aristocrat. It is said that he ordered his valet to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread, and because Montagu also happened to be the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, others began to order “the same as Sandwich”.

Pick up your cup and saucer together - holding the saucer in one hand and cup in the other. Hold the saucer under your cup while you sip your tea (lest you should spill or dribble).

When stirring your tea, don't make a noise by clinking the sides of the cup while stirring. Gently swish the tea back and forth being careful not to touch the sides of your cup if possible. Never leave your spoon in the cup and be sure not to sip your tea from the spoon either. After stirring, place your spoon quietly on the saucer, behind the cup, on the right hand side under the handle.

Milk is served with tea, not cream. Cream is too heavy and masks the taste of the tea. Although some pour their milk in the cup first, it is probably better to pour the milk in the tea after it is in the cup in order to get the correct amount.

When serving lemon with tea, use lemon slices, not wedges. Either provide a small fork or lemon fork for your guests, or have the tea server nearby place a slice in the tea cup after the tea has been poured. Be sure never to add lemon with milk since the lemon's citric acid will cause the proteins in the milk to curdle.

Learn elegant eating. The correct manner to eat a scone is the same manner in which one eats a dinner roll. Simply break off a bite size only piece, place it on your plate and then apply, with your bread and butter knife, the jam and cream. A fork is not used to eat a scone. And please, no dipping!

  • Table Manners

Table manners are a must. Once you've finished dining, fold your napkin with a crease and place on the left hand side of your place setting to indicate to your host or hostess that you wish to be invited back.

Afternoon High Tea is now available in the Scenic Rim, and proving very popular for group outings, who realise it is only in Brisbane's Backyard

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